Willem Malaba

“I have dedicated my life to live for the environment. Join me, Join Us, Join All and live for the environment!!”

I am the Sustainability Consultant and Co-founder of ESPA. Having worked for both the private and civil society sector I have built extensive experience in Sustainability, Marketing and Consulting. My passion for the environment started at an early age, when I was living in West-Pokot, Kenya. My family and I were living in a small village surrounded by forests and wildlife. I can remember, as a child, going through these forests and hoping to see elephants, or swim in the river with crocodiles. It could be dangerous sometimes but I always felt protected for I only wished the best for all these creatures. There were times where the elephants stood just right outside my gates, and pythons would sleep on our porch. We could hear the roars of lions, and the barking of Hyenas. To me it was a magical place. A place I often drift off to when the pressures of the world get to much. As I grew older the hand of man became more apparent. Charcoal was in high demand, so slowly the forests began to fall. Men with guns arrived and animals started to move deeper into the forests. Fire began to consume the land, and the birds moved away. Even the pythons did not survive the test of time. This once beautiful land started to look barren. A sad reality.

The rest of the passage gave me the privilege to visit many beautiful places in the world. The world is truly a Magical Place! Sadly I have also experienced the sad reality as I see the damage we as humans have and continue to inflict on this beautiful earth. Currently I live in Nairobi, often referred to as the concrete jungle. Pollution is rampant, Over-population a significant threat, Waste Disposal Problematic, Trees becoming extinct, and the Air heavy. A city that once was so beautiful, now becoming grey and sad. I would love to help Nairobi, I would love to help Kenya become green again. I would love to change the perception of people towards the environment, I would love to inspire youths to work to improve on their future by helping the environment. I realize that without the environment we have very little future.