‘We see forests disappearing, animals going extinct and feel the pollution around:- yes, it’s our fault.´

When we pollute and over exploit our natural environment we risk increasing occurrences of famine, droughts, floods and heatwaves.  With the increasing population the ability of the Earth’s resources to support human livelihoods will be unsustainable; we need education and social leadership to shift values away from income and consumption as estimators of self-worth. We also need policy-makers to understand the environment so that they can inspire the communities to make sustainable choices.

Unfortunately, as in many under served communities, sustainability is not on the agenda in the lower middle estates of Nairobi. There is no recycling, the natural environment is being erased, as concrete high-rises emerge and the local flora and fauna is quickly fading. But We identify that these are the areas, most artists live.


Msanii ni kioo cha jamii,’ is a swahili proverb that states that an artist is the mirror of the society.

We at ESPA believe that change can be bottom-up, and that every individual has the power to impact the environment that we live in. And we promoted this message through art because: Art speaks not only to the mind, but the heart and soul as well.  To us, art is a tool through which we challenge not only ourselves, but the people around us to consistently create new possibilities for our environment, and contribute to the sustainability of planet earth.

We want people to see the world through the eyes of an artist. And for artists to develop conscious pieces of art that will make our communities, and the broader society aware of environmental damage by creating a road map to sustainability.