We Transform the Environment Through Art

´Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.´ Margaret Mead

We want to change the mindset and culture of our community on waste management and environmental awareness. Through Building of a recycle oriented society (3Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). We aim to promote sustainable use of resources. This will be done through creating awareness and encouraging communities to apply the 3 Rs in enhancement of a sustainable earth. We are interested in:-

  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation especially through the 3Rs
  • Creating new channels of communication on climate change and environmental topics between the national, local authority and the ordinary citizens
  • Offer alternative solutions that will give waste a new life
  • The youth, we know they are available and that they need an opportunity to serve their earth

We also offer a platform for discussions on environmental issues and climate change with the help from stakeholders and experts in the field

We Create Environmental Awareness

The earth is what we have in common, what our children’s children will inherit from us. We have to take care of it.

We are bringing together everyone in the community to help us save the environment. We therefore, encourage and teach artistic environmental conservation projects to the young generation.

  • Sanaa na Shule Safi   teaches children the importance of environmental sustainability, and introduce them to artistic projects that can be achieved from recycling and train them on fighting  and living for the environment. We also ensure that they are mindful about waste pollution on their environment through Club ESPA.
  • Sanaa na Mtaa Safi   focuses on the community at large. Here, ESPA partners with the local authority and business community of the areas to clean up the estates. We also ensure creation of awareness on hazards of a polluted environment on the health of the society.

Art represents a culture, it speaks to everyone differently, it is the tool for this necessary change. We connect the artists and the community they come from; use art as a tool to bring people together and to initiate conversations.

We Empower

‘I urge us to no longer consider art as an activity for passing time; but to consider it as an asset that can attract multiple financing streams.’ Margaret Kenyatta

Many artists are struggling due to lack of resources and opportunities. We want to empower them artist by training, exposing, and equipping them with the materials required. These artists have the potential and the skills to be ambassadors of the earth and have the capacity to transform the culture in their communities, to one of environmental sustainability. We work with all forms of art such as poetry, visual art, photography, music, dance etc to pass the messages on environmental care and sustainability. We offer economic empowerment through sustainable artistic projects and also work to involve the artists to exchange programs from county to county or country to country; to let them learn from each other as well.