Kenya Voluntary Service Organization (KVSO) was formed to promote peace, diversity and intercultural exchange. It offers a platform to those seeking a
possibility to learn and to contribute to the lives of the people in the communities they serve. Through working with
volunteers KVSO seeks to

  • Empower the youth through developmental projects
  • Implement development projects with the local community

Maji Milele is one the leading providers for sustainable water supply systems in Kenya. Maji Milele offers you a range of prepaid water metering solutions to create a big increase in revenue collection, reduction of NRW (Non Revenue Water) and 100% online transparency. Choose Maji Milele for your individual connections, communal water points, or purified water ATM's.

Actors from Kibera, in their post-apocalyptic costumes pose for a photo backstage on June 16th 2018, during the launch of a music video which was shot and directed by Ondivow (the guy in the picture above) - a young multi-talented filmmaker and fashionista born and living in Kibera.

The Sana Sanaa artist in residency program is a collaboration between Goethe Institute, Nairobi and Artifical Image, Berlin to connect the flourishing metropolis of East Africa with Berlin, currently one of the world´s most important art cities for production and presentation of art. The residency has a focus on contemporary photography and video-based art.