Namatsi Lukoye 

“The earth is calling us to live and fight for it, it already equipped us with gifts.”

I am a spoken word poet and writer. Art has  been my friend for the longest time. For me, she came with a wave of words. These words have made a home for me; danced with me in theheavens high and shielded me in the deepest caves of hell. I have watched words paint pictures and spark brains to change, and that for me has been the biggest blessing. I believe that art can give a multi-sensory experience that can stimulate the mind, capture the eye, touch the soul and pave way for action. Being a renowned spoken poet in Kenya, I have found art as a channel of shaping my community. I have organized and performed at various platforms and concerts as well as organize my own events.

I realize that artists are the mirror of the society; they paint, sing, dance, draw, their dreams and fears, their hopes and ambitions, and their vision for a world they would like to see. The threat our actions continue to cause the environment is real, we need to change mindsets of people and and teach conservation and sustainability in a way a child will love and understand. We need to empower artists so that rather than just reflecting the society they can lead it as well.