Kingdom of Earth Event

Saving the earth through art The Kingdom of earth event was the 1st showcase of ‘Green Art.’ The show tackled the voice, face and feelings of our environment on matters of waste, over-consumption and deforestation. The show gave the audience an experience of spoken word poetry from award winning G-cho Pevu, Slam King Dorphan, Namatsi … [Read more…]

Putting pieces together

You can put the pieces together a thousand times and the result will end up different; that’s the beauty of life, every day is a fresh start! One change, one choice and many things change, it is true life is meant to be felt; everything around us from the breeze in the trees to the … [Read more…]

The artist

According to Larry Neal, ‘the artist and the political activist are one! they both are shapers of the future reality, both understand and manipulate the collective myths of the race. Both are warriors, priests, lovers and destroyers!’  Artists are passionate people, especially in a cause they believe in. They can be carried away with emotions … [Read more…]