Become an earth warrior

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it! Robert Swan.

We need you to join us in creating a voice and face of the earth.

  1. Register as a member - registration fee:- 1000 Kshs per year
  • Raise your voice – fanya kitu
  • Get continuous updates on ESPA’s Projects
  • Get discounts on tickets for all ESPAs events
  • Great networking platform
  1. Buy a book – book costs 400/-

The voice of Earth Anthology is our first project sponsored by Royalite publishers a book through which we hope to sparks change one reader at a time. By buying this book you;

  • Help plant us plant a tree. We hope to plant 1000 trees by April 2020
  • Buy 5 books and we donate one to a school (when you buy we are able to give)
  1. Supports the art creation

Help us support the arts by providing/paying for creation rooms, rehearsal space, recordings, production of book, art supplies and and generally equipping the artist to create. You will be able to;

  • Meet artists and be involved in the creation process
  • Supporting the arts is supporting livelihoods
  • By doing so you get a complementary art piece from ESPA
  1. Volunteer
  • your time or expertise in ESPA’s tasks
  • W are looking for environmental experts
  • Raise your voice for the environment #fanyakitu
  • Support us with your talents
  • Share the story
  1. Volunteer your artistry
  • Speak for the earth and we promote your art in our Kenyan Earth Warrior Magazine
  • Co-create, Co-produce in projects
  1. Join our exciting discussions
  • Environmental Enthusiast
  1. Support our events


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