Namatsi and Willem design costumes from pieces of waste. Through creative fashion they spark conversations on the story of waste, sustainability and climate change. Through recycling junk, they are able to create an artistic medium of communication.

Namatsi & Willem Wings

All praise the green”

Luki is a poet, rapper and musician.  Luki is drawn to hip-hop and started singing in high school with a band called ‘Just a Kenyan Dream’ before he opted to become a solo artist. Luki obtained the name Monster from cyphers and contests from his fans who would talk about his monstrous flow delivery in English, Sheng or Swahili. Luki has over 100 recordings on soundcloud and a dozen on youtube, two Eps and collaborations – he also performs at events, and hopes to prove to the world why he is titled; ‘THE RAP MONSTER’. More about him here:-

Luki the Monster

“It is not just leaving Planet Earth better than the way we found it, it’s about the life it had before we invaded it.”

G-cho Pevu is an award winning poet. His pieces address topics around Morals, relationships, and Social affairs which, resonate around the globe. Over the last 7 years, G-cho’s career, on and off stage has led him to become recognized as one of the leading Poets in the Country. This is largely credited to his disciplined work ethic, through which he has been able to maintain his consistency in Music and Poetry. He performs his pieces in Sheng (local slang), and through his performance with a band he is able to bring forward the live music in poetry. More about him here:-

G-cho Pevu