When we pollute and over-exploit our natural environment we risk increasing occurrences of famine, droughts, floods, heatwaves, diseases and extinction. With increasing population the ability of the earth’s resources to support human livelihoods will be unsustainable if we continue this way; we need education and social leadership to shift values away from income and consumption as estimators of self-worth.

The ESPA initiative was formed under the KVSO to bring forth a unique angle in environmental sustainability and climate change conversation.  Led by Willem Malaba and Namatsi Lukoye who firmly believe that art is a tool of change.  Through working with artists, ESPA intends to bring more urgency and clarity to climate change discussions.

'Art makes us see the world differently, it can bring us together and help us process what is happening.' 

Striving for an artistic and sustainable earth_ #fanyakitu (DoSomething)


  • Innovation with passion
  • Creativity with a focus on impact
  • Responsible citizenship: 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
  • Integrity and Ethics
  • Transparency, respect and equality

Willem Malaba

Having worked for both the private and civil society sector I have built extensive experience in Sustainability, Marketing and Consulting. My passion for the environment started at an early age, when I was living in West-Pokot, Kenya. My family and I were living in a small village surrounded by forests and wildlife. I can remember, as a child, going through these forests and hoping to see elephants, or swim in the river with crocodiles. It could be dangerous sometimes but I always felt protected for I only wished the best for all these creatures. More

Namatsi Lukoye

I am a spoken word artist, poet and writer.  Art has  been my friend and home for the longest time.  I have watched words paint pictures and spark brains to change, and that for me has been the biggest blessing. I believe that art can give a multi-sensory experience that can stimulate the mind, capture the eye, touch the soul and pave the way for action. Having also a background in PR, fundraising and event management, I believe that ESPA will make a change for the planet.  More