Saving the earth through art

The Kingdom of earth event was the 1st showcase of ‘Green Art.’ The show tackled the voice, face and feelings of our environment on matters of waste, over-consumption and deforestation. The show gave the audience an experience of spoken word poetry from award winning G-cho Pevu, Slam King Dorphan, Namatsi Lukoye, Rosenn and music from Luki the Monster, Namulindwa, Mwas the guitarist and Madagascar hiphop artists Name six. It also had dance from Adam Dance Academy, ecofashion from Namatsi, Street Pulse Edgy and make up from Jaybee Urembo. For the face of the earth, there was a display of artworks made from recycled material from G-thamini Youth Group and Nani Kitengela Glass.
the event was made possible by Safaricom MJ Centre and Maji Milele Ltd. It was also supported by Nature Kenya, Nani’s Kitengela Glass, Momo Pencils, G-thamini Youth Group, KBC and Kenya Volunteer Service Organization.

The Voice of the Earth Book Launch

Beyond speaking for the environment, this anthology gives a fresh insight to our view of the envi-ronment as captured in its title which is Voices of the Earth and not Voices for the Earth.
This points we are aware about the possibility that the natural environment is not merely an object to be acted on, but a subject endowed with agency. And in deed some of the poets in this anthology do speak with, and to nature. Equally, through some of the poems, we see some elements of nature speaking to humans and empathizing with our pain and violation. The bold statement we hear from this anthology is that even though it needs to be spoken for, the environment too, does speak; and if it speaks, then we should listen. Reading and reflecting on these poems is a first step towards listening.
Miriam Maranga-Musonye (PhD)
Senior Lecturer, Department of Literature
University of Nairobi.