You can put the pieces together a thousand times and the result will end up different; that’s the beauty of life, every day is a fresh start! One change, one choice and many things change, it is true life is meant to be felt; everything around us from the breeze in the trees to the small stones in the soil_ are here to remind us to keep going. This was the first discussion the artists had as they met to discuss the coming up event #kingdomofearth event. As we shared, what stood out was the need to make the world relate: by fusing passion, experience and statistics of what is happening around us. That, as we create, we have to remember that we are speaking for the world not just us.

You are not alone,
I am with you in every experience,
in ever breath, every curve of your smile,
in every length and every tear you file,
I know that silence means man things in many contexts,
but in the context of you,
The truth is that, no words can measure up to what I feel for you.
This silence is sacred, it is heavenly,
like a good spirit watching over you,
So calm your anxiety, sit and share with me_
Come let us create.

I don’t want to be alone,
I rather walk from home,
sharing life with my person,
A hard earned lesson,
In life you are not alone,
Even when you are far from home,
And all hope seems to be gone,
you are not alone.
Your presence is appreciated,
your name is commemorated,
by those who call you friend, family or acquaintance,
your mark is painted,
on a canvas that is called life.
Your essence cut through like a knife.
Even in those lonely days,
when you feel astray,
you are not alone.
So do me a favor and postpone,
harm to be self-inflicted,
and rise knowing you are gifted,
open your heart to love,
and to be ready to receive love,
smile to people,
ride as equals,
You are not alone

Who is somebody that always inspires you to try new things?