According to Larry Neal, ‘the artist and the political activist are one! they both are shapers of the future reality, both understand and manipulate the collective myths of the race. Both are warriors, priests, lovers and destroyers!’ 

Artists are passionate people, especially in a cause they believe in. They can be carried away with emotions more than facts in things their hearts beat for. With that in mind, imagine, you are neighbor to the great Steven Seagal. For those of you that don’t know Steven Seagal, he is an American actor, producer, screenwriter, martial artist, and a musician. He has a 7th-dan black belt in Aikido and is rumoured to have his hands registered as deadly weapons.

You are you, no need to introduce you. You just moved to the neighborhood together with your family and dog. One day Seagal comes from a movie shoot, and finds that your dog did a number 2 in his garden. So Seagal comes to your door, and in a friendly way invites you to the community and tells you that he likes dogs but he would appreciate it if it did not go to the toilet in his garden. You, of course shocked, that your neighbor is Steven Seagal quickly apologize and you tell him it won’t happen again. The next day Seagal comes back from his shoot and again finds that your dog did the same thing in his garden. Having visited you the previous day, he sees no need to come to your door, but writes you a note.

It’s day three, again he comes home did the same thing, and this time Seagal sends you an angrier note. This goes on for almost a month, with each note getting angrier and angrier.  You have been receiving the notes but you choose to ignore them. In your mind, Steven Seagal is a big movie star, who hires people to clean his garden, and for you it’s not a big deal. So you ignore all the messages and even begin to ignore him when he comes to your door. Finally, a month after the first incident, you come home from work, and you find Steven Seagal waiting for you at your doorstep!

He is visibly angry to the point that he can fight with you. Would you fight him, a person who may or may not be registered as a deadly weapon. I am sure anyone with any form of common sense will not fight but try to apologize. Because with his experience in fighting, Seagal could probably kill you in a second, he could find the pressure points in your body to hit so that your heart stops so, there will not be much of a match there. Maybe Seagal will forgive you, or maybe he might be so angry at all his attempts to warn you and your ignorance that he might still fight you. And if he does you know the outcome will be imminent death. 

Well, now imagine instead of Steven Seagal it is nature, and instead of your dog’s crap it is waste and pollution. Nature is constantly sending us warning letters, even at times coming to our door, to let us know that what we are doing is wrong. These take forms of irregular rain patterns, tsunami’s, landslides, drought, sinkholes, and rising temperatures. Yet we continue to ignore these messages under the pretense that it is a big world, and the small acts that we do is not a big deal. So we continue with our lives and not adhering to the warnings. 

Well much like Steven Seagal nature will one day be fed up, and come to your doorstep. What we know of nature is that it is incredibly powerful, and it could finish us in a second. I personally would not want to fight nature. So I choose to listen to the warning letters, and I choose to do something about it. Will you?