Transforming the environment through art


To maximize the impact of the arts on environmental sustainability

Having come into existence as a product of a multi-cultural exchange between Kenya, and the Netherlands, ESPA (Environmental Sustainability Promoted by Art) is committed to working with people from all ages, genders, and cultural diversity. We are an initiative focused on environmental sustainability and climate change; we hereby realize that humans, creatures, and plant species are all reliant upon this world. Therefore, all must come together to ensure the well-being of the earth. We use different genres of art as a tool of change and medium of communication. Our aim is to provide a creative edge of enhancing environmental consciousness. 

Our core objectives are: –

  1. Creating awareness for a healthy and sustainable environment through art
  2. Empowering artists to create an impact on environmental sustainability
  3. Educating the community on nature and animal protection as well as environmental sustainability
  4. Offering a fun platform for discussions on environmental sustainability and climate change.

“The earth is not in danger_ it has proven to heal itself! We are!”