Transforming the environment through art


To maximize the impact of the arts on environmental sustainability

The ESPA initiative,  is a virtual resource center and platform for creative projects that shape and transform our world.  The artists we work with contribute in addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation, environmental degradation and sustainability and other factors concerning our lives on this planet.  Our aim is to provide a unique edge for creative problem solving, where the technical and scientific language becomes friendly and relatable.

Fueled by passion we see ourselves as innovators, visionaries and fire-starters; who use art as a tool for change to ensure that the science of climate is understood by all. It is through creative projects that we are able to bring people together, encourage discussion about community concerns and possible solutions to environmental and sustainability issues. Our core objectives are: –

1. Creating awareness for a clean, healthy and sustainable environment through art
2. Empowering artists to create an impact on environmental sustainability
3. Educating the community on nature and animal protection as well as environmental sustainability
4. Offering a platform for discussions on environmental sustainability and climate change.

“Good art can educate and create empathy, and empathy leads to change.”

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy